Sunday, March 29, 2009

55 Wins in a Row - the legacy of Muskegon Baseball

It's hard to imagine any high school team accomplishing the feat, but between the seasons 1941-1945, Muskegon High School's baseball teams established a Michigan High School state record with a string of 55 consecutive victories. Even more astonishing is that the record was bested in the 1960's by Grand Haven's prep teams, who strung together 56 straight wins. It was a Grand Haven squad that had ended the Muskegon streak. Over 40 years later, Homer High School finally broke Grand Haven's mark with a national record 75 victories compiled during the 2004 and 2005 seasons.

It's interesting to note that it took five years for Muskegon's team to total 55 wins, while Grand Haven needed only a portion of three seasons to win 56. It took Homer only two years to total 75 straight. My, how times have changed!

Here's an article from an old Muskegon Chronicle covering Muskegon's win streak. Click on the image for a large, easy to read version.

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